Saturday, September 16, 2006

I bought, sometime ago, a carton of Arches Travel Watercolor Albums (6"x10"- #140 Cold Pressed) and never used them until recently finding them buried in a art storage bin in the garage, still sealed in plastic. So I told myself I couldn't buy any more sketchbooks( an addiction of mine) until I used up these, and here are some results. I still have got three more to fill up but its a start.
I use W&N Artist WCs and two Pentel Aquabrushes for all of these sketches [I call them sketches because if I tell myself its a painting I start to fiddle with it more and then it looks overworked, which I think some of these do anyways]. These all took about 1.5 hrs to complete on the average, with 10-20 minutes of drawing time included.

This is my main sketching equipment I take with me eveywhere. Just toss it in the car and I am ready to sketch at a moments notice. I have also started using [alot] a couple of Pentel Aquabrushes (medium & large), I absolutely love using these and it is so fast and easy to clean up. Of course, I will always use my hair pencils as well. In these next few pictures are my various sketching materials, I just mix and match what I need/want to draw with/on.